Paddle tennis club main activities

Paddle tennis school

9 month courses divided into terms with a frequency of 1 or 2 days per week. These courses allows students to consolidate all shots. Classes are divided into three levels:

Level 1: Initiation

6 to 10 years old, the maximum number of students is 6.
12 years old and over, the maximum is 4 students.

Level 2: Advanced

Groups with a maximum of 3 students.

Level 3: Competition

The manager determines the level of the groups (3 students).

Private lessons

For players who look for a personalized learning.
Individualized correction of game defects for a correct evolution of the player.

Group classes

It is a good way to integrate and relate new players in the paddle tennis environment. At the same time it allows to work the correction of the shots and to handle tactical situations. The classes can be groups of 2, 3 or 4 players, according to needs and schedule availability.

Class – Party

The players practice tactics and strategy at each point with a teacher, who will correct the position to make good shots.

The management reserves the right to modify or suspend any of the weekly activities depending on the number of registrations.