Organization of paddle tennis activities for companies

We design your paddle tennis event for companies combining sport, pleasure and business.
20,000m² of facilities and more than 10 years of experience organizing all kinds of events.

Types of paddle tennis events for companies

1 day or weekend tournaments

Company leagues

Paddle tennis meetings for employees

Paddle tennis meeting and spa circuit to launch new products

Business lunch with paddle tennis meeting

Inter-company leagues

Company meetings with paddle tennis and spa circuit

Corporate paddle tennis courses

Services according to the type of event:

  • Welcome breakfast
  • Corporate banners and flyers
  • Paddle tennis tournament
  • Spa circuit
  • Hostesses service
  • Delivery of diplomas
  • Trophy Delivery
  • Custom Gift Delivery
  • Farewell Catering


If you are interested in offering your associates a different service, count on us: special discounts and advantages for groups in order to build loyalty and strengthen relationships between employees.

Corporate Wellness. Paddle Tennis Activities, sport and health in your company

The goal of every employee is to give their best: it benefits the company and its own professional development. The corporate wellness aims to provide solutions to the well-being of employees to improve their quality of life through sport programs, health and relaxation.

Benefits for the company

  • Studies in other countries show that with these programs productivity increases up to 12.5%
  • It favors the relationship between colleagues and departments
  • Reduction of work absences
  • Provides added health value to your business, by responding to corporate social responsibility
  • More positive attitude and greater motivation
  • Increase in creativity
  • Loyalty and attraction of talent
  • Positive impact on customers, which leads to increased profits


  • Sports and Fitness: paddle tennis, gym
  • Relax spa, water area, sauna, massage, chill-out area
  • Nutrition: personalized diets and control

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The club has facilities and communication elements that can be a vehicle for spreading your brand, your products and / or services:

  • Banners in the club facilities
  • Ads on the club’s website, on social media, in the press
  • Sponsorship on the clothing of our professionals
  • Identification cards of our partners
  • As a collaborator of an event that is organized